house rules

V20=Vampire the Masquerade 20th anniversary edition, DAV= Dark Ages: Vampire, VTM= Vampire the masquerade 2nd edition revised.

Specializations/Specialties/Expertise/Secondary skill: V20 has converted all secondary skills into specialties. Meaning once a skill (not attribute currently) is at a 4 or above they can choose a specialty that will enhance a roll if a ‘10’ is rolled by adding two successes instead of 1. This is going to be combined with the DAV rule of being able to buy up to three specialties per skill at a cost of x1. Also Craft and Science types of skills have expertise. These can bought at any level, but a person can only have 1 per dot in the skill. They add 1 extra dice when appropriate, and may be combined with specialties.

Health Penalties: All versions include this important to be mentioned rule: health penalties after taking damage does in fact alter damage for melee/brawl attacks and non mechanical ranged attacks.

Multi-action penalties: We are using a modified (looser version) of the V20DA

“If you wish to take multiple actions in a turn, you must
decide before taking your first action. The first action is
taken at +1 difficulty, and at -1 dice. Each additional
action receives a cumulative +1 difficulty, and -1 dice.
You cannot take an action as part of a multiple action if
the difficulty would be increased to 10 or higher.”

As long as the difficulty is not going to be 10 or higher we are also allowing anyone to use a reflective combat action as part of and in addition to a their normal action. (if Barnabas only declared 1 action, but lost initiative and was being attacked first he could then insert a reflective defensive action causing him to go into a multi action situation with the penalties above)

Combat Successes: All books would have additional successes after 1 gained to be transferred over to damage. Because this and the Weapons we are using are very lethal we are allowing all soak rolls to explode when a 10 is rolled.

New Initiative: A player adds his Wits score to his Dexterity score. Then roles 1 dice and adds the amount rolled to the total. (dex dots+ wits dot+ 1 dice)

Dodge: dodge has been phased out and replaced with Athletics, along with everything athletics did before. (including throwing).

Being Surrounded: The current rules state that while fighting more than 1 person all difficulties go up by 1 after the first person to a maximum of 10. Also if flanking occurs then the person fighting in front gets 1 extra dice and the person in the rear gets 2 dice. We are only going to use the second part of getting extra dice.

house rules

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