Sir Barnabas of Lincoln

A knight returned to levant




Sir Barnabas of Lincoln was born in the year of our Lord 1090 in Lincolnshire in the Kingdom of England. He was raised to be a Knight by his father Sir Hugh of Lincolnshire. Barnabas had a natural skill with weapons that while only a squire enabled him to beat tournament champions at the sword.

At the age of 2 the Cathedral had finished construction and was consecrated. It was the largest building that he had ever seen. It inspired in him a desire to serve God and to be holy.

He and his best friend Evan (the child of the blacksmith) spent many years training as squires together. The call came for a crusade to retake the holy land and his friend whom he looked up to decided to take up the cross.

Barnabas was sad at being left behind as he still had two more years of training before he could be knighted. He spent many nights in the cathedral asking God to keep his friend safe till he could join him.

It was on one of these nights that he was awoken from his prayer trance to the sounds of a violence coming from the crypt below. Not armed with more than a knife he ran toward the danger without thinking. After reaching the bottom step he found a monk on his back with a giant beast of a man standing over him holding a club. The man spoke in a language foreign to Barnabas, but the intent to kill was clear. Barnabas leaped toward the man intending only to hold him and pin him while calling for help. The monk made eye contact with him and begged for protection. His knife sprang back into his hand and straight into the spine of the man. The man dropped instantly with the knife still stuck in him. Barnabas horrified quickly took the knife and ran all the way home.

All the next day he stayed in his room hoping that it was a dream and that the monk did not get a good look at him. That night after compline, he thought he was safe and came down to dinner feeling better. Upon getting to the kitchen however his new found hope fled as he saw his father and the monk that he had saved talking. His father called to him and told him “Brother Thomas” had a vision that showed Barnabas had an important part to play in God’s plan.

With no alternatives to flee, he came forward and sat down to see what judgment was forth coming. Brother Thomas told him that he had been attacked by an infidel and that by saving him he had fulfilled a prophecy that God had promised to send him a worthy warrior. This warrior would be blessed with a long life of service, and fight God’s battles wherever they may be.

Relieved that he was not to be hanged for murder and embarrassed that God would choose a coward such as he, Barnabas took holy vows that night before his Father and Brother Thomas. In three days time he had been made a knight and one day later was on the Road with Thomas toward London.

Once in London he had a private Mass with Brother Thomas for three nights. Each night he saw Thomas use some of his own blood mix with the wine. Each night he felt he could see the holiness aura around Thomas become clearer and clearer. After the mass on the third night Thomas confessed to him that he had a great undertaking to perform. So great was this trial for God that it was going to take till the second coming before it would be complete. To insure he had the time he needed he had been cursed as Caine was.

Thomas instructed Barnabas on the ways of Cainites and even took him before the Prince of London. The Ancient Mithras looked upon Barnabas for a mere second, but to Barnabas he felt the heaviness of several 1000s of years bearing down upon him. It felt as though he had turned to stone. The feeling left him shaken.

Thomas told him that they searched for a way to keep the end of the world from happening. He could tell that Thomas was not telling him everything, but that did not matter. He had a mission from God. The holiness that came from Thomas gave him every confidence.

After 5 years of training the two of them started making their way east. They sought to do research within the Courts of Love. Each lead never went very far. Barnabas got word from his friend Evan that he had done well in Jerusalem. His letter went on to say that he had joined a new knightly order that patrolled the pilgrim road. The Poor knights of the temple of Solomon. Brother Thomas read the letter over his shoulder and froze for several minutes. Barnabas was in a panic. He knew Cainites could enter torpor, but he did not know what to do. After several minutes, life returned to him and he said that Barnabas was to join this order and his friend. God had said that the path they had been looking for started in Jerusalem.

They arrived in the Holy Land in 1129, just in time for the Templars to be an official charter of the Pope and his private army. The Friend of Barnabas had done well for himself within the Templar Order achieving the Rank of Sergeant General of the Templar order in the County of Edessa.

Evan was at a loss of words up on meeting Barnabas after so many years. While he had aged and was scared from battle, Barnabas was looked like he was still a lad of only 19 summers. Barnabas was filled with joy that he would be able to serve God with his friend and that his prayer had finally been answered. Fearing for his friend he brought Evan before Thomas, begging that the holy brother would ask God if Evan might too serve the cause.

Once again Thomas stood still, this time for an hour. After he returned to them he said that God had answered Barnabas’s prayer and that indeed Evan was to join in this eternal service.

Barnabas and Evan spent their time fighting for the Templar order till the fall of Edessa in 1144. After the final battle, Thomas approached Barnabas telling him that while he had been defending the city Evan had been ordered to kill all the Muslims and Jews. He had refused to follow that order and was forced to flee with the Jews who he helped escape before the siege.

Thomas revealed to him that as God has three purposes with the Father Son and Holy Spirit. So was he to create three teams of three to go into the world to seek the weapon to be used in stopping the end of days. Barnabas could not imagine how any weapon could stop the book of revelations, but he obeyed. He knew that Even had also been called as a leader and was sent back to England with enough blood to sustain him and his coterie for a time.

Barnabas Spent the next 10 years searching the Holy land with his new brothers to no avail. During that time Barnabas had lost two complete teams in their efforts. Brother Thomas was often gone and only returned every few months to bless the new team and give unto them enough blood to continue their search.

This time when Brother Thomas came to Barnabas, he was told that the answer lay back in his home land which was in the middle of a civil war. Thomas went on to say that they needed to travel much quicker than normal to reach his new coterie and that Barnabas had to gather as much courage as he could, for they were to enter the land of the dead.

Barnabas has blocked much of the time out, only remembering that they encountered many spirits that were missing their manhood. It left such loathing in him that he has become intolerant of eunuchs. He also tends to stay away from Leper communities.

Upon returning to England he joined new “brothers” in their mission. See Iberia by night, RECAP from The Dark Ages I for more of Barnabas’s story.

Sir Barnabas of Lincoln

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